Friday, 3 March 2017

Getting the Security Deposit Back – Things You Can Do To Ensure It

Moving out is a painful process, and the major reason for it are the costs associated with the process. However, you should be feeling pretty comfy if you are able to get your security deposit back.

It might look impossible to get the security deposit back from your landlord while moving out, but it’s not. One thing worth remembering is that security deposit is your money, and there is certainly a way you can get that money back.

With that said, we are going to mention some important steps that can help you with the reclaiming process.

It requires planning right from the start

Make sure that you are not participating in damaging the walls and floors from any aspect. The best practices include the use of removable putty and non-penetrative hooks in order to avoid holes in the walls. Felt pads may be used to prevent scratches on the wooden floors.

Make sure you are staying organized
While moving in, you would deal with a lot of documentation. Experts suggest that you should read the complete details in those documents, and take care of especially those ones which contain information regarding ending a lease agreement. By complying with those documents properly, you will be one big step closer to getting security deposit refunded to you.

Proper documentation
Although, your landlord may tell you about a fair ‘wear and tear’ limit while handing you over the apartment on lease, this limit is merely considered as an impractical theory. In other words, the landlord may come up with accusations blaming you for something which could even involve a naturally occurring damage.

Thus, you will need to make sure that you are not leaving any loose ends. For this purpose, ensure that you are documenting every minor change happening inside the area you are responsible for. Take frequent photographs and write down the details. Furthermore, it is also recommended to make a detailed video of the apartment when you move in and do it again while moving out. This entire documentation would be a proof of everything, and you will be able to claim your security deposit.

Contact the landlord

You should ask the landlord about the noticing prior to moving out. Ask how far advance you should be informing in this regard. This practice doesn’t only act as a way to confirm the part of your schedule the landlord should know about but it would also be a courtesy from your side.

Deep cleaning

Aside from vacuum cleaning and repairing any damage that happened during your stay, it would be a good practice to deep clean the apartment on your own. Although you are not obliged to do it but a deep cleaning wouldn’t only help you getting the security deposit back but it will also help you build better personal relationship with the people managing the property.